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The congress programme for the XXXIV OSTIV Congress, 28th July to 3rd August 2018, Hosin, Czech Republic is available.

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WGC 2018 Pribram

Due to an unexpected situation related to the WGC 2018 in Pribram, Czech Republic, the organisers have been forced to ask FAI and IGC to change location of competition from Pribram to Hosin (LKHS). In Pribram the usable RWY would have been limited and thus the free use of the airfield area in Pribram.

As the OSTIV Congress is hosted by the WGC organiser, the location of the congress moves to Hosin, as well.

Hosin is app. 80 km south of Pribram, close to city Ceske Budejovice, major city of Southern Bohemia.

WGC 2018 Pribram

Call for abstracts deadline extended to 7 February 2018.

WGC 2018 Pribram

Call for Abstracts

The XXXIV Congress of the International Scientific and Technical Organisation for Gliding (OSTIV) will be held at the site of the 35th FAI World Gliding Championships in the 18m-, 20m-, and Open Class, in Příbram, Czech Republic, from 28 July - 3 August, 2018. The Congress addresses all scientific and technical aspects of soaring flight including motorgliding, hanggliding, paragliding, ultralight sailplanes and aeromodeling.

Last update: 05 Jul 2018