Lilienthal Gliding Medal for Loek Boermans

Prof. Loek Boermans

The contribution of Professor Loek Boermans in the field of low-speed aerodynamics have been recognised, by FAI and others, throughout his distinguished professional career.

With the same level of dedication and professionalism, Professor Boermans has served for 37 years in the leadership of OSTIV, the only scientific organisation within FAI. Under his guidance, OSTIV has played an essential role in the evolution of sailplane design, flight training, pilot safety, and our understanding of the atmosphere. Professor Boermans has personally organised several international congresses on the science and technology of motorises flight and has supervised the publication of an international journal dedicated to the technical aspect of soaring. His enthusiasm and motivating spirit has made OSTIV what it is today, an important und guiding institution for gliding, and for aviation in general.

In recognition of his lifetime contributions to the development of the art and science of gliding, and with acknowledgement of his retirement in 2015 as President of OSTIV, Loek M.M. Boermans os awarded the FAI Lilienthal Medal.

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