International Scientific and Technical Soaring Organisation


The objectives of the OSTIV are to encourage and co-ordinate internationally the science and technology of soaring and the development and use of the sailplane in pure and applied research, the design, airworthiness and operation of gliders of all types, and the safety and training of pilots. The constitutional objectives of the OSTIV are achieved by seeking new knowledge, by encouraging dissemination through symposia and publications and by consultation with authorities.

OSTIV has the special status of an International Affiliated Member of FAI. Each party, the OSTIV and the FAI, has the right of representation –with voting right – in the General Conferences of the other party, and the right to appoint observers: the OSTIV to the meetings of the International Gliding Commission (IGC) of the FAI and the IGC to the meetings of the Sailplane Development Panel, the Training and Safety Panel and Meteorological Panel of the OSTIV.