The OSTIV Airworthiness Standards, called OSTIVAS are edited by the Sailplane Development Panel (SDP). They contain a complete set of standards as required for the design of sailplanes and powered sailplanes. The OSTIVAS are one of the predecessors of the EASA Certification Specification CS-22, formerly known as JAR-22.

Before JAR-22 was internationally accepted to be the modern standard for the design of sailplanes and powered sailplanes, many Airworthiness Authorities used OSTIVAS as certification basis.

Today it still plays an important role, because new regulations and explanatory material evolving from the work of SDP is contained there. Very often new paragraphs considered by the members of the RASG (former JAR-22 Study Group) as necessary to improve the existing regulations are directly taken from OSTIVAS.


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A copy of CS-22 can be downloaded from the EASA website.