OSTIV Awards

On the occasion of each OSTIV-Congress the efforts for progress in the world of soaring are acknowledged by awarding diploma and prizes.

OSTIV-Plaque with Klemperer-Award

The OSTIV-Plaque with Klemperer-Award honours a person for the most noteworthy scientific and/or technical contribution to soaring flight in recent years. Since 1958 in combination with the "Klemperer Award" derived from the benefits of the "Wolfgang B. Klemperer Memorial Fund".
Nomination: by all active and individual OSTIV members
Selection: by the OSTIV Board

1948 till 1956 -not awarded-
1958 Dr. Joachim P. Kuettner
1960 Dipl.-Ing. Boris Josip Cijan
1963 Dr. Richard Eppler
1965 Charles E. 'Wally' Wallington
1968 Dipl.-Ing. Hans Zacher
1970 Dr.-Ing. Franz-Xaver Wortmann
1972 Paul F. Bikle
1974 Wim Toutenhoofd
1976 Eugen Hänle
1978 Walter Stender
1981 Dr. Paul B. MacCready jr.
1983 Richard H. 'Dick' Johnson
1985 Dr. Werner Pfenninger
1987 -not awarded-
1989 Dr. Piero Morelli
1991 Cedric Vernon
1993 -not awarded-
1995 -not awarded-
1997 Loek M.M. Boermans
1999 -not awarded-
2001 -not awarded-
2003 Christoph Kensche
2006 -not awarded-
2008 Dr. Joszef Gedeon
2010 -not awarded-
2012 -not awarded-
2014 Bruce Carmichael
2014 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fred Thomas
2018 Dr.-Ing. Fritz Kießling

The OSTIV-Trophy

The OSTIV-Trophy was awarded between 1958 and 1968 to appreciate and promote the development of the standard class sailplane.

1948 till 1956 -not awarded-
1958 Rudolph Kaiser for the 'Ka 6'
1960 Rüdiger Kunz for the 'Standard Austria'
1963 T. Tervo and J. Jalkanen for the 'Vasama'
1965 F.N. Slingsby, J.C. Reussner and W. Slater for the 'Dart'
1968 W. Okarnus for the 'Foka'

from 1970 on not awarded anymore

The OSTIV-Prize with Morelli-Award

The OSTIV-Prize with Morelli-Award is awarded to a person for any outstanding improvement in sailplane technology. Since 2010 in combination with the "Morelli Award" made available by Morelli's son Henk-Peter in memory of his father Prof. Piero Morelli.
Nomination: by OSTIV Sailplane Development Panel (SDP)
Selection: by the OSTIV Board
Remark: the OSTIV Board has the freedom to acknowledge an outstanding improvement in sailplane technology and award it as "Special OSTIV-Prize"


1948 till 1978 -not awarded-
1981 Akademische Fliegergruppe Braunschweig
1983 -not awarded-
1985 Heiko Friess, Klaus Holighaus, Wolf Lemke, Gerhard Waibel
1987 PZL Bielsko
1989 Dr. Anthony Segal
1991 -not awarded-
1993 Gerhard Waibel
1995 Dr. Richard Eppler, Hermann Nägele, Rudi Lindner, Eugen and Ursula Hänle, Dr. Ulrich Huetter and W. Huetter
1997 icaré'-Design Team
1999 -not awarded-
2001 -not awarded-
2003 -not awarded-
2005 Hansjörg Streifeneder
2006 flarm'- Design Team
2008 Petr Kousal
2010 Prof. A. Puck
2012 Josef Prasser
2014 Walter Binder
2017 Stefan Gehrmann, Axel Lange, Luka Žnidaršič
2018 Helmut Treiber, Armin Quast, Karl-Heinz Horstmann
2021 Prof. Dr. Alfred Ultsch,
Sakari Havbrandt and Henrik Svensson

Special OSTIV-Prize

1948 till 1989 -not awarded-
1991 Dr. Fritz Kiessling, Ray Linskey
1993 -not awarded-
1995 -not awarded-
1997 Dave Ellis and the Cambridge Team
1999 -not awarded-
2001 -not awarded-
2003 -not awarded-
2006 -not awarded-
2008 B. Stender, Dr. O. Heise
2010 O. Liechti
2012 Hugh Browning

Mertens Award

The Mertens Award for the best student contribution at the congress is made available by the family Mertens in memory of Prof. Josef Mertens.


2010 R. Baardman
2012 John Bird

The OSTIV-Special Recognition

The OSTIV-Special Recognition is awarded to a person for eminent services to OSTIV
Nomination and selection: by the OSTIV Board

1948 till 1995 -not awarded-
1997 Mark Kennedy
Cedric Vernon
1999 Heiko Friess
2001 -not awarded-
2003 -not awarded-
2006 -not awarded-
2008 Dr. Edward Hindman
Dr. Mark D. Maughmer
Bernald Smith
Philippe Stabenau

The OSTIV-Diploma

The OSTIV-Diploma is awarded for a technical or meteorological paper of particular value for OSTIV
Nomination: by Technical and Scientific Sections
Selection: by the OSTIV Board

1948 till 1963 -not awarded-
1965 Tech: Dr.-Ing. Franz-Xaver Wortmann
Met: Marieluise de Schwarztkopf and E.R. Lichtenstein
1968 Tech: H.J. Merklein
Met: Ch. Lindsay
1970 Tech: Dr.-Ing. Josef Gedeon
Met: Dr. H. Jaekisch
1972 Tech: Ingo Westerboer
Met: T. Bradbury
1974 Tech: H. Laurson
Met: Dr. D. Cruette
1976 Tech: Dr. W. Stafiej
Met: Carsten Lindemann
1978 Tech: Dr. J. Sandauer
Met: Dr. Milford
1981 Tech: Frank Irving
Met: Dr. J. Hacker
1983 Tech: L.M.M. Boermans
Met: Dr. T. Clark
1985 Tech: E. Schoeberl
Met: D. Heimann
1987 Tech: A. Quast
Met: Th. Hauf and T. Clark
1989 Tech: Crawley, Hansmann and Kämpf
Met: U. Schumann
1991 Tech: Dr.-Ing. Wolf Röger and Philippe Stabenau
Met: Dr. A.G. Williams and Dr. J.M. Hacker
1993 Tech: Wojciech Chajec
Met: Dr. O. Liechti and Dr. Bruno Neininger
1995 Tech: Christoph W. Kensche
Met: Rudolf Mathar 
1999 Tech: A. M. Segal, L.P. Neil, G. A. Reece and P.G. Murtha
Met: M. J. Hancy
2001 Tech: Christoph W. Kensche
Met: E. Banitz and L. Banitz
2003 Tech: François Ragot
Met: E. E. Hindman, R. L. McAnelly, W. R. Cotton, T. Pattist and R. M. Worthington
2006 Tech: J. Schwochow
Met: B.A. Sigrist
2008 Tech: L. Popelka, L. Zeleny, D. Simurda, M. Matejka
Met: J. Dummann
2010 Tech: Francois Ragot
Met: Olivier Liechti
2012 Tech: J.J. Bird, J.W. Langelaan
Met: E. Hindman

The OSTIV-Dr.-Joachim-Kuettner-2000 km-Prize and -Trophy

The OSTIV-Dr.-Joachim-Kuettner-2000 km-Prize and -Trophy was donated in 1987 to be given only once to the pilot who first accomplish(es) the first 2000 km or more straight-line distance soaring flight. The prize was a monetary award and the trophy is a styled sailplane model with engraved name and flight data.

On the occasion of the SSA banquet 6 February 2004 in Atlanta, USA, the Dr. Kuettner personally presented award to Klaus Ohlmann for his 2,123 km straight distance to a goal flight from Calafate to San Juan, Argentina on 23 November 2003.

The OSTIV-Dr.-Joachim-Kuettner-2500 km-Prize and -Trophy

Shortly after this event the Board of OSTIV, on initiative of Dr. Kuettner, decided to create a new OSTIV-Dr. J. Kuettner Prize and Trophy for a 2,500 km Straight Distance Soaring Flight.

The President of OSTIV announced this award at the "Journées du Vol à Voile", held in Paris on 23 and 24 October 2004".

The flight must fulfill the regulations of the FAI Sporting code, here "General Section and "Section 3, Gliders, Class D and DM" in the newest edition. No difference will be made between classes of gliders.

The prize is a monetary award of US$ 10,000.,- and the trophy is a styled sculpture with engraved name(s) and flight data.

No claims for this "first 2500 km Straight Line Distance Soaring Flight" award have been received yet.