by Jannes Neumann


The OSTIV PRIZE is awarded to:

Walter Binder

for his significant contribution to the development of retractable power plants for sailplanes.


Walter Binder worked as a senior mechanical and electronic craftsman for a Power Company. He flew modern Open Class sailplanes and developed a local Club airfield. His intention was to develop a retractable power plant for sailplanes. This was to increase the utilisation of these expensive aircraft, and to widen the pilot's experience flying in marginal soaring weather conditions.

He worked in close contact with engine and propeller manufacturers and became competent in aeronautical engineering. He also worked with certifying authorities to learn how to carry out flight tests.

Co-operating with sailplane manufacturers, Walter Binder developed and installed two-stroke retractable engines into the following sailplanes - ASW15, ASW22, DG400 and the Janus. This work was carried out in his own workshop. He carried out structural load tests and flight tests at his own Club airfield, where he had also built his own hangar.

As a result of the work of Walter Binder, the IGC changed the World Record Requirements such that power and pure sailplanes now compete in the same class.